Kendico: Online shopping store – with your daily needs and more

is a top-notch online marketplace where you can purchase a wide range of products on the go and have them delivered directly to you. Our prices remain trusted and unmatched and our multiple payment options cater to everyone irrespective of their preferences.
We serve a rapidly growing customer base and aim at optimum customer satisfaction in all ways, continually looking for ways to improve customers’ experiences.
Our platform creates a healthy environment for individuals and business to sell, advertise and do many more thereby providing numerous job opportunities.
 Join us as we continue to expand and evolve for the better while serving you.

Our Core Values

Market Development

Kendico is a community collaborative. We are a company that is not just interested in making profits; at the heart of our business is a core desire to develop our market. Being a community business we will continue to invest in our vendors and affiliates, thereby helping them to improve in the quality of the products they deliver. By so doing, we will help our core market compete favorably with businesses from any corner of the globe.

Earning Trust

Kendico realizes that our business model relies heavily on the acceptance and goodwill of the people we have set out to serve. We will therefore continue to do all we can to win and keep your trust. One way we hope to achieve this is to be actively involved in philanthropy and supporting good causes within our communities.

Long Term Investment

Kendico aims to be the company of the future, and so we will always look to make solid, long term plans which will benefit not just us, but our communities as well. We will invest in ideas of the future, so as to give us the competitive edge over others in the market.

Market Ownership

We want to be the go-to place for buying and selling within our communities. Kendico wants to be the face of business in our communities, and so own the market. We believe that only by combining our collective will and finances can we challenge for a place in the economy, and a brighter future for our children.