Vendor Privacy Policy

All Kendico vendors are to adhere to the following policies while interacting with Kendico, other sellers and customers. They must:

  • Provide accurate information to Kendico and her customers at all times. This includes updating information whenever it changes.
  • Not try to influence feedback, reviews, and ratings on your products or the products of other sellers in any way.
  • Act fairly and lawfully in their dealings with Kendico, customers and other sellers.
  • Not misuse any service provided for Kendico
  • Not attempt to damage or abuse another Seller, their listings or ratings
  • Not contact customers except for the purpose of fulfilling an order or providing services. Marketing communications are prohibited.
  • Not use customer information for any other purpose than it was received for. All customer information must be deleted after an order has been processed.
  • Not divert Kendico customers to another website or try to circumvent the Kendico sales process.
  • Complete all Kendico transactions on the Kendico website.
  • Not maintain more than one selling account except there is a legitimate business need and all accounts are in good standing with Kendico.
  • File infringement notices that could benefit their own selling account
  • Violating Kendico policies may result in actions against your account at the discretion of the Kendico legal team.


  • Communication with Buyers
    1. You must communicate with buyers if the product ordered is not available to be shipped. This message must contain a confirmation that the order amount was adjusted with the appropriate reason for the unavailability of the items. If you think you can fulfill the order but the shipment will be delayed beyond the advertised availability, you must notify the buyer about the delay. If the buyer decides to cancel the order, you should then start the refund process.
    2. You must process refunds for the order amount (minus any charges) You may communicate with the buyer about the return only when you need additional information to complete the return or you are offering a partial refund.
    3. You may only send Permitted Messages to customers who have contacted you about purchasing a product or who have already purchased a product from you on the Amazon store. We define Permitted Messages as those communications necessary to complete an order or to respond to a customer service inquiry.


  • Communication with Buyers via Kendico
    1. We require you to promptly confirm shipment of all orders. After you confirm shipment, Kendico sends a confirmation email to the buyer. Timely communication of order status is an important part of a high-quality shopping experience.
    2. You must inform Kendico when you have issued buyer refunds so that Kendico can inform the buyers. Buyers want to know their refund status when returning products. Therefore, it is critical that you process refunds promptly. You can also use Manage returns to issue a refund.

Kendico has the authority to block any message at its discretion.


  • You must not advertise, sell or supply through the Kendico site any product that
    1. Breaches any laws and regulation
    2. Relate to narcotics, steroids or controlled substances; pornography; obscene, indecent or sexually explicit materials; swords, firearms or other weapons; ammunition for any weapon; or items that are otherwise prohibited pursuant to the Prohibited and Restricted Products Policy, as may be amended from time to time, or any applicable law.


  • Products posted on the Kendico website must be in the same condition as listed
  1. New: Products listed as new must be brand new items, in original packaging for most items and must include the original manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. Used – Like New or Open Box: Products listed as used must be an item in perfect working condition. Although original protective wrapping may be missing, however original packaging is intact and in good condition with minor damage possible.
  3. Used – Very Good: This applies to a well-cared-for item that has seen limited use and remains in good working condition. The item may show some limited signs of wear with small scratches or cosmetic blemishes. Blemishes must be specified
  4. Used – Good: Products listed as used or good are products with wear from consistent use, which are still in good condition and function properly. Item may arrive with damaged packaging or be repackaged. It may be marked, have identifying markings on it, or have minor cosmetic damage. It may also be missing some parts or accessories such as screws (in the case of furniture) or an instruction manual. Missing parts and markings must be specified.


Items unacceptable for listing on Kendico include:

  1. Item that are not clean, including signs of mold, heavy staining, or corrosion.
  2. Items that are damaged in a way that renders it difficult to use.
  3. Items that require repair or service.
  4. Items prohibited for sale on Kendico.


  • Kendico operates a zero-tolerance approach to counterfeit products and any attempt to sell counterfeit products on the marketplace may result in penalties as decided by the Kendico management team.
  • Once you receive a notification from us, you are required to supply to us any information and documentation that we may reasonably request in order to verify the authenticity of products.


You are responsible for any non-performance, non-delivery, misdelivery, theft, or other mistake in connection with the fulfillment of Your Products. You are also responsible for any non-conformity or defect in, any public or private recall of or safety alert of any of Your Products or other products provided in connection with Your Products. Furthermore, you will notify us promptly as soon as you have knowledge of any public or private recalls, or safety alerts of Your Products or other products provided in connection with Your Products


We may in our sole discretion accept, calculate, and process cancellations, returns, refunds, and adjustments for the benefit of customers. When necessary, we will make any payments to customers in the manner we determine, and you will reimburse us for all amounts we pay.


Vendors are responsible for setting their own product prices on Kendico website. Item prices should not in any way harm the customer’s trust as Kendico reserves the right to take reasonable action if needed.

  • the price for a product must be as stated in the relevant product listing
  • Delivery charges, packaging charges, handling charges, administrative charges, insurance costs, other ancillary costs and charges, will only be payable by the buyer if expressly and clearly stated in the product listing

Prohibited pricing practices include but are not limited to:

  • Setting a reference price on a product or service that misleads customers;
  • Setting a shipping fee on a product that is excessive.


Monthly subscription: $15.00 for the first year

Yearly Subscription: $162.00

Selling Fees: 5% per sale

Further details:

If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please contact our customer service with a detailed description and we will get back to you.