Shipping and Delivery:

Kendico does not own any of the products listed on this website, the Kendico App, or any of our affiliates. All products displayed on Kendico are property of our Vendors.
Depending on such factors as Demand and Availability, products may be shipped to your designated location from our company warehouse where they are kept in storage, or they may be shipped directly from our Vendors.
Because all shipments are made through Courier, Kendico has no control over the speed of their arrival. Products are shipped as soon as purchases are completed, and may take anywhere from 1 to 5 days to arrive.
Kendico accepts no liability for products that have been handed over to the Courier for delivery.
The Costs of Shipping are included in the displayed prices of all products displayed and sold on the Kendico Website and App. You are not to make any extra payments to any third party, including employees of Kendico claiming to act on behalf of the company.
In the event that products take too long to arrive at your location, or if you have any queries relating to shipping, please contact us via email.