The Kendico team is interested in your safety. Our teams is constantly working hard to ensure your safety, respond to your questions and resolve issues as they arise.

How do we ensure your Safety?

  1. We encourage our buyers to report all inappropriate or suspicious activity by filling a ‘Report a Violation’ form or sending an email or visit the Contact us page.
  2. The Kendico team protects the market place by investigating,  sanctioning and preventing inappropriate behavior  in addition to data-driven algorithms and automated tools,
  3. Kendico makes it easy to learn about items and sellers before you place an order.

 How can I help?

  1. Research the seller and product before purchass and review the seller and product when your order is delivered. Overtime, your ratings and reviews help us remove low performing sellers.
  2. Inspect details & reviews  which can help prevent surprises and confirm that an item meets your needs. Remember, stronger ratings & reviews indicate safer, more trustworthy sellers.
  3. If You Have Outstanding Questions Or Concerns, Message The Seller Before You Buy


Do not complete any transactions off the Kendico site

lf you feel that a seller has violated your trust by misrepresenting an item or otherwise acting inappropriately, please contact admin@Kendico or Report a Violation.
Do not share your credit card details with any individual on the site.

How do I avoid fraudulent individuals posing as genuine sellers?

The Kendico team  takes various actions to keep fraudulent individuals out of our community including requiring sellers to undergo verification before listing products, however, you can further avoid negative fraud-related experiences by not paying into seller accounts if you feel that a seller is potentially fraudulent, and then please contact  customer service

Further details:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service with a detailed description and we will get back to you.